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Did I Crit that? (Oops)

 Sup peoples? Jinzy...and a few other names here. I've put together this nice little web page for everyone to post their pictures, write topics in the forums, such as locations of special items/pets. Feel free to sign up, post questions on the forums. Please read the Guild Guidelines under information before you apply for the guild.

 I'm still working on this web page, so bare with me on this one!

Here enjoy the GW2 Trailer!
Guild News

Guild Going Strong

Jinzy GW2, Sep 12, 12 4:57 PM.
The guild is up and growing strong. Members are flowing in and we'll soon have a guild bank up and running!! *cheer*. Please remember on all of your alts to hit the G page and press the represent guild button in order to participate and help your fellow guild members out. Thanks.

Guild starts its journey

Jinzy GW2, Sep 1, 12 5:58 AM.
 Hey hey!
 Did I Crit That - Oops
 Started on Sep. 01. 12
Game Updates
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